What your Mom Really wants for Mother's Day

What your Mom Really wants for Mother's Day

Is your mom/wife one of those moms who always says, "I don't want anything for Mother's Day"? Well, let me tell you, she does want a gift! And because we are feeling generous today, we are sharing a couple of pieces of advice you should know before getting a gift for her.

Do not start looking for the gift three days before... Come on, you do it every year; let's do better this year. Make sure that by the end of April, you have everything ordered and reservations done. She will notice if you are just putting stuff together at the last minute.

Make a list. Her favorite restaurants, her favorite items like perfumes, jewelry, and authors. Quick tip: always look for her carts in her Amazon account or at her favorite clothes website... you could never go wrong with that.

After you have your reservation for a nice meal and a couple of her favorite items, you are only missing one thing: FLOWERS AND PLANTS. Mother's Day is always associated with flowers, and this is because flowers make people feel special. Even though you don't need a special day or occasion to give out some flowers to your mom, believe me, she is expecting them on Mother's Day.

Should you get flowers or a plant? Well, that is a decision you have to make. Flowers are beautiful, colorful, and smell awesome. The bad part? They won't last that much. Plants are diverse, so you can find different species and sizes that will fit. Also, they are colorful; plants don't only come in green. Finally, every time she waters the plant, she will think about you and all the love you share with her. At HC Gardens, we have lots of varieties, sizes, and species to pick from, and we will help you find the perfect plant to gift.

There is no "ultimate perfect gift" for your mom, but definitely taking some time to plan, making a list of her favorite things, cute flowers or plants, and spending quality time will for sure make her feel loved and appreciated. If you are a mom and you made it to the end of this blog, send the link to your kids/husband so they have a starting point.

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